The Man Who Has Cures for AIDS, Cancer, & All Deadly Diseases – Dr. Sebi

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The Natural Healer: Dr Sebi was an ambassador for self-healing and what he said he could allegedly cure was staggering from world’s deadliest conditions: cancer, AIDS, HIV, diabetes, and mental health afflictions such as bipolar disorder and depression. In 1988 he was sued for false advertisement and practice without a license after he placed a number of ads in newspapers- including the New York Post.

He took on the Attorney General of New York head on in a Supreme Court trial. Before the trial began he was asked to produce a witness per disease he alleged to have cured, and after 77 people joined him in court, he was declared not guilty and therefore proved in fact, that he cured all diseases mentioned in the press.

People with negative review….

I just called a representative to ask questions and the representative told me that free consult is only 10 to 12 minutes and in order to further discuss anything else, I would be charged $50.00 in order to continue and she would not discuss info on the type of Therapeutic Package price and product unless I was ready to make a purchase! That is an insult to anyone who is financially strapped for cash and may need time to get their finances on point. This does not sound like a Black owned franchise that is to help heal anyone of color, it sounded like a business out to make money and disconnects itself from the poor! The package that is needed may be more or less than the asking price of the Therapeutic Package. SMH! Though I am interested, I am also turned off! Is that how a business is supposed to be ran?

Another said:

Dr. Sebi is a fraud and clearly beyond a shadow of a doubt a marketing scheme. Playing on the hopes of desperate people like me trying to get healthy. He raises fear about all the foods we eat using partly valid facts of how these foods aren’t good in order to create demand for his products, however the outrageous prices he charges keep anyone with any regular income from affording it. He swears he wants to help our people -cure our black people but sets prices so high that the average working class person just can’t afford it. Plus the staff he hires just doesn’t care and does everything so half assed. (Both at Usha in Honduras and the California office) What is most disheartening is how mislead I and so many others told me that they were. Sebi and his staff tell you that you can be cured of whatever your disease is over the phone to get you to spend the money, once you get there then it’s alot of verbal back pedaling, and the real truth comes out that was stated to me by SAAMA and PABLO at different times: being that “IT’S A LIFESTYLE -NOT A CURE- IT’S AN ON GOING PROCESS AND TO JUST STAY ON THE HERBS TO FEEL OK – NOT THAT I’D BE CURED”

In this life, one must look to thrive and not look to die. It doesn’t matter what one may go through because things will occur and it usually happens because of ones thoughts, actions and lifestyle. A change is needed if one wants different results regardless of the process. Usha was very popular to some but people I can say have either waited too long to go or have missed the period to go.. There are rumors going on how a lot of companies and or cartels are going around snuffing the life out of organizations that are helping people because its hurting the pockets of the drug, food, and health industry. And at the end of the day.. people will be hurt in the process. People who are running companies are people too.. but there are family business who will make sure their livelihood is upheld at the expense of others..

If you are still breathing, you still have a chance to change.. but imagine trying to stop your thoughts from reproducing itself. You are what you eat, what you think, what you basically do.. So who are you?

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