Teens Commits Suicides After Rumors of Drake Not Writing His Own Raps

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FLORIDA – Two “DIE HARD” fans of drake have committed suicides because they could not believe that Drake was not writing his own rap lyrics.

According to reports, Sofia Oilver, 18, was found dead by her friend after she tweeted a message “Feeling extremely depressed…GoodBye Drake..!”

The family is still in shock and blames the social media for making difficult for people to distinguish between truth and lie. It is said that Sofia Oliver was a dedicated fan of drake and had huge collection of Drake’s music, and posters covering the walls of her bedroom.

After rapper Meek Mill blasted Drake on Twitter via series of tweets, accusing Drake of not writing his own rap lyrics, The Internet lit up with people expressing their opinions, memes, and jokes. The whole situation being rather funny to many, but not everyone.

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Liam Nathan, 20 another “die hard” Drake fan was found hunged in his room. It is belived that the reason for suicide was that rapper Drake does not write his own lyrics.

Authorities found note in Nathan’s room which states:

“How could you do this Drake. If Drake wasn’t running through the six with his woes, then who was? I guess I will never find out”

Authorities are warning the world to not take the Twitter beef serious.

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