Teenager Claims “Its OKAY” to Smoke While She’s Pregnant

Some people just don’t deserved to have kids ….

pregnant teen

Do whatever you want UNLESS it harms another person. Now you’ve crossed a clear ethical line and you should suffer consequences…

One friend tried to reason with her pregnant friend about not smoking and the pregnant friend was having none of that.

smoking while pregnancy

But the teenager believes that it OKAY to smoke while being pregnant…! 

Smoking in Pregnancy

We know more and more these days about the effects of cigarette smoking on pregnancy. For instance did you know that cigarette smoke contains 2000 components. Some of the most harmful for pregnant women and their babies is thought to be nicotine, carbon monoxide and cyanide. These substances have been found to cross the placenta and reach the baby. One of the most concerning effects of smoking during pregnancy is that the baby’s growth is restricted. A baby of a woman who smokes weighs on average 170 to 200 grams lighter. The more a woman smokes the greater the weight reduction.

Research has found that potential effects of smoking during pregnancy include an increased chance of genetic abnormalities. There has been associations made between pregnant women smoking and increased chance of cleft lip, cleft palate, problems with bowel, eyes, ears and spinal cord.

The health benefits for stopping smoking are immense, this particularly true for pregnant women. Women need support to stop smoking from their families and from health professionals.

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