Teen Shoots Uncle During Thanksgiving Dinner For Asking Him If He Had A Girfriend


RICHMOND, VA – An 18 year old teenager is being charged with attempted murder after shooting his uncle during Thanksgiving dinner because his uncle had asked him “Where’s your girlfriend?”

Cody Stone was arrested Thursday evening by Richmond police upon being found blocks away from his home where he had shot his uncle. Cody had apparently attempted to escape the home and authorities. Although critically injured with a bullet wound, Cody’s uncles is expected to live after being rushed to the emergency room.

According to family members, Cody was apparently infuriated upon being asked if he had a girlfriend. “Nobody was talking, we were all just eating” said Cody’s younger brother Timothy, “My brother Cody was eating quietly with his head down and hair covering his face when all of a sudden my uncle broke the silence saying “so um Cody, do you have a girlfriend?” Cody slowly looked up and said “what did you say?” before standing up and taking out a gun and shooting my uncle once”.

According to family members, Cody was a real quiet and shy kid. “It’s not my fault the kid gets no p*ssy” said Cody’s uncle before he was taken away in an ambulance.

Cody will soon appear in front of a judge facing attempted murder charges.

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