Teacher Hospitalized After Being Beaten by 4th Grader

Teacher Hospitalized

The art teacher of elementary school was hospitalized after being beaten by a 4th grader during an argument over of incomplete homework.

The boy, who was identified as Bin, did not have his homework complete. When his teacher gave him a hard time over the incomplete homework, the boy became violent.

According to his classmates, Bin stood up and grabbed his teacher’s hair, punched her in the head repeatedly, pushed her to the ground and sat on top of her.

The horrified classmates ran out of the classroom and reported the incident to the school principal. Bin was taken to the principal’s office and his parents were called to school.

His parents, who run a business, allegedly refused to come to the school and stressed that they will only compensate the teacher for her medical fees if a court ordered them to.

According to the principal, identified as Hu, Bin had previously assaulted 4 other teachers and he fought with students over trivial issues.

Hu and other professors advised his parents to send the child to therapy, but the parents refused.

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