Subway is Using Cockroaches In Food


BRIDGEPORT – Subway restaurant factories have been discovered to have been using cockroaches in their meat products to save money.

According to inspectors, thousands of cockroaches were found stored in Subway restaurants. The FDA is sure that these subway factories are exporting meat with cockroaches to save more meat.

If cockroaches are replacing a little bit of meat for each piece of meat, they can save thousands of dollars on meat. The FDA has found the tactic “sickening” and “uneccaptable” that cockroaches are being sold to Subway customers.

The FDA is ordering all Subway restaurants to temporarily close until the meat is cleaned of any cockroaches and other insects. “Cockroaches are pests and they should never be sold to the American people for food without their awareness, these creatures are unsanitary”, says FDA inspector Larry Thorn.

All Subway restaurants in the U.S. are expected to close within the next few days.

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