Student In A Coma After Trying To Drink 2 Gallons of Semen


Phoenix, Arizona | A 19 year old girl is in coma after attempting the new viral challenge. Susan Yoshi, is in a medically induced coma after doctors found almost 2 gallons of semen in her stomach. Reportedly, the young woman was attempting the new “Swallow Challenge” which originated in Japan.

Reportedly, the young girl read about the “Swallow Challenge” on a popular Japanese website earlier this week. She is a student at Arizona State University originally from Tempe. She found out more about the challenge after a friend had posted a Vine video showing clips of other girls attempting the challenge.

Yoshi’s room mate, Karla Kurosawa said: “Susan is always competitive and would never turn down a challenge.”

Susan contacted her friend Karla several days ago to tell her about the challenge. At first Karla was reluctant to help Susan given the nature of the challenge. After Susan explained the challenge to Karla and showed her the website where she had found the challenge, Karla made her best attempt to talk Susan out of doing it.

“I told Susan that it was a bad idea. I am not against swallowing but to swallow random guys is absurd. From the videos she showed me, the girl in the video had swallowed a gallon of sperm which was from multiple guys who ejaculated into a container until it was filled. The girl then drank the entire container with in about 5 minutes. That was just too much for me to watch so when Susan said she wanted to do 2 gallons, I just shook my head. But she is my best friend room mate and I was there to help her,” said Karla.

Susan and Karla created flyers and posted them around ASU’s campus in the early morning. Susan immediately received responses from hundreds of interested men to assist her with the challenge. Susan and Karla invited the interested guys over to their off campus apartment in groups of 10. With in 3 days, Yoshi and Kurosawa were able to get 2 gallons of semen from over 200 guys. After the semen was obtained, they refrigerated it while Yoshi prepared to make her video.

“Susan made sure she didn’t eat or drink anything for the entire day. We both went into the bathroom where I held the phone to record her doing the challenge. After drinking about 8 glasses full, Susan passed out and that is when I called 911,” said Karla.

When the paramedics arrived at the scene, Yoshi had semen spilling from her nose and mouth while unconscious. She was rushed to Saint Joseph’s Hospital where doctors had to put Yoshi in a medically induced coma to pump her stomach.

“We have had some very odd incidents from students at ASU but never something like this. How and where this young lady collected this amount of semen is beyond my understanding but what makes this situation worst is that she actually wanted to do this. As a medical professional, I urge young women and men not to do this challenge, it’s just disgusting,” said Dr. Gorbish

Susan is expect to survive and her friend hopes she doesn’t try this challenge again.


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