Slim Jesus is Eminem’s Biological Son, DNA Reports Confirms

father of  slim jesus

DNA analysis has revealed that Ohio drill rapper Slim Jesus is Rap God Eminem’s biological son.

According to sources, Eminem was on his tour back in 1997 when he and had a fling with Slim Jesus’ mother in Hamilton, Ohio. Slim’s mom Brittany didn’t find out she was pregnant until 3 months after the tour ended. They decided to keep young slim a secret because of Eminem’s back and forth beef with former on again off again girlfriend Kimberly.

Brittany has always kept this secret from the world but she did name Slim Jesus after his father his name is Marshall Mathers Jr. and if you search the internet you can’t find his real name anywhere and this was to keep this all a big secret.

It should really come as no surprise as Marshall Jr. left a huge clue by using the first part of Eminem’s alias (Slim) Shady in his own rap name (Slim) Jesus.

Brittany released a statement:

“YES! Marshall is his father, we never asked for any money Marshall Jr. just wants Eminem to at-least acknowledge his own flesh and blood and not act like he doesn’t have a son.”

Marshall Mathers jr. aka (Slim Jesus) was asked how feels about his absentee father and he said:

“I don’t care if he mentions me or not, I’m not bitter but if I ever catch him.”it’s drill time””

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