A new book on Mohammed bin Salman describes the Saudi crown prince’s rise to power and lavish lifestyle.

The book written by New York Times journalist Ben Hubbard illustrates how the Saudi crown prince eliminated rivals and consolidated power to ensure his status as Saudi Arabia’s crown prince.

For example, one former employee depicted in great detail how the kingdom’s de facto ruler had a collection of embalmed journalist heads in one room, on which he would snort cocaine or have sex with.

“The prince had a room with maybe twenty or thirty heads of journalists on a wall, that he kept like hunting trophies. Sometimes he would put several heads on his bed, sniff coke on them and insert his genitals inside of their mouths, noses and ears,” reports the 1,747-page book.

The new book on Mohammed bin Salman written by New York Times journalist Ben Hubbard also goes into great detail about the sex fetishism the prince has for camels, of which he has a harem in the millions.

“We were forced to watch him have sex with camels, sometimes with up to twelve camels a day. He had a preference for male camels with large testicles and would enjoy rubbing their genitals all over his mouth and face,” one former employee allegedly told the New York Times reporter.

The book also reveals how he enjoyed watching beheadings of homosexuals while indulging in popcorn and Cheetos.

“On Friday nights, he would love to watch homosexuals being beheaded and sometimes would arrange somewhat like gladiator matches where homosexuals would fight against lions or tigers and be eaten alive in front of the guests,” another former employee explained under the guise of anonymity.

The book also describes the prince’s ruthless and disturbing activities such as playing at a bowling alley with the head of murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi, as well as paying prostitutes to wrap themselves in bacon and lard before having sex with them.

Since his rise to power as of 2017, it has been observed that 127 journalists have been reported missing in the Saudi kingdom, making journalism the most dangerous career in Saudi Arabia, over human deminer and suicide bomber.

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