Ronda Rousey Signs 10$Million Deal With Floyd Mayweather The Money Team

rousey sign mayweather

“I figured If you can’t literally beat him. Join him” Said Ronda Rousey after revealing the big news.

Ronda Rousey revealed she signed to Floyd Mayweather’s ‘The Money Team’ management for a deal valued at over $10 million dollars.

“I figured since she been ridin’ me in the news all month I might as well make some money off her. She getting all this publicity off of my fame. Why not pay me for it?” – Floyd Mayweather.

“We will be sparring in the Mayweather world famous Las Vegas gym and I won’t hold nothing back, but its not like I have any experience beating on women. She may win!” Said Floyd Mayweather jokingly about his new fighter.

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