Rocket Launched in Space by Nazis in 1944 Expected to Hit the USA Next Week

NASA – The Administrator, Charlie Bolden, announced this morning that an experimental V-3 rocket launched by the Nazis during World War 2 could land in North America over the next few days.

During a press meeting in Houston, Mr Bolden explained that NASA satellites first spotted the rocket a few months ago, and that the organization has been carefully monitoring its trajectory ever since.

NASA experts have determined that the missile would soon reenter the Earth’s atmosphere, and would USA.

“We have estimated that it would enter the atmosphere in next 24 Hours” Mr Bolden told reporters. “It’s hard to determine precisely where it’s going to hit, but it will almost certainly be in North America.”

NASA and the US Air Force are closely monitoring the missile in order to determine if some areas should be evacuated.

The German rocket was launched in May 1944, from a site near the Army Research Center at Peenemünde, where all Nazi rockets were built.

Designed by the famous aerospace engineer, Wernher von Braun, the V-3 is very similar to the infamous V-2 rockets which were launched against London during World War 2.

The main difference is its size, the V3 being almost 20 times larger than the V2. It is believed to contain more than 48,000 lbs of explosives.

Only four V3 were built by the Nazis during the war, and only two of them were launched, the other one misfiring and landing in the city of Antwerp in Belgium, killing 219 people.

According to the US Air Force, the missile’s explosive power could wipe out an entire city block if it was to hit in an urban area.

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