‘Rent-A-Baby’ – The Government Funded Program



A new government funded program “Rent A Baby” allows couples to “rent” babies before deciding whether to have a child of their own. The newborns are taken from publicly funded homes for unwed mothers shortly after birth and placed into the homes of married adults.

For $5000 couples get to rent a baby for up to eight weeks. The couple can renew the lease or the baby is returned and sent to another couple for the same length of time. Most babies will live with six different couples during their first year, at which time they can be put up for permanent adoption. The $5000 rental fee goes to the unwed mothers’ homes.

Single women who can prove they are financially solvent, can also rent a baby. “It works great because you can take the baby during the week and give it back on the weekends when you want to go out with your friends,” said Mindy Walton of Chicago.

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