Guy Pretends To Be Asleep And Gropes Woman’s Thigh In Train

Perverts are everywhere. They will do anything just to pleasure their lust and desires. Most women who are victims of harassment, whether verbally or physically, stay silent out of fear or embarrassment.

However, there are some victims who fight back, such as this woman who sued a guy after he feigned sleep and touched her thigh.

A woman named Kimibu in Taiwan, was traveling on a high speed train. She was wearing a short skirt, so she covered her legs with a scarf after sitting down. Moments later a man next to her started touching her leg.

mn touches girl

But Kimibu instantly noticed the pervert who pretended to be asleep, and took some photos as evidence. When the man realized he was being photographed, he left.

guy touches girl on train

Later, she reported the incident to the police and handled them the evidence. The man was identified as 26-year-old Mr. Liao who wasn’t sitting on his assigned seat. Apparently, Liao was caught in CCTV intentionally swapping his seat to sexually assault the young woman.

guy touched on train

Kimibu has taken the matter to the court. A judge has reviewed the case and found there is sufficient evidence to bring it to trial.

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