100,000 People Line Streets To Bid Farewell To Muhammad Ali

The world bids farewell to ‘The Greatest’, Muhammad Ali. According to reports by the BBC, tens of thousands have lined the streets of Ali’s home city, Louisville, Kentucky, to pay their respects.

A procession will take Ali’s body past numerous sites key to his life, before an interfaith memorial service will take place at 2pm – 6pm (GMT) – in front of 18,000 fans in a sports arena.

mohammed ali boxer dead body

Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis and Will Smith will serve as pallbearers, while former U.S. President Bill Clinton will deliver a eulogy.

President Barack Obama is reportedly unable to attend due to the graduation of his daughter Malia.

Ali was admitted to hospital with breathing difficulties, but as a sufferer of Parkinson’s syndrome and complications he could not survive and died. Our thoughts go out to friends, family, and fans whose lives he touched. #RIPALI

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