Pastors Are Burning Themselves to Protest Gay Marriages



Supreme court ruling recently extended equal rights to more Americans! First Slaves, then Women, now shockingly Sodomites !

Biblical law was always the cornerstone of the Constitution. Proof positive is that it is the official religion of the United States, as named by George Washington and legitimized by the first seated Congress of the United States.

Pastors stood up for the TRUE American values, which quite clearly place GOD and the parts of the BIBLE that we find relevant to keeping everyone living in the light of the word of GOD and under Biblical law.

Buddhists have given input on the most flammable fabrics and accelerants. They have stated that while they do not share the Christian pastors’ views, they do support their right to protest.

A letter from the Christian Burning Man’s Association reportedly included the following “GET THEE BEHIND US SATAN, THE LORD IS OUR SHEPHERD!!!”  I can’t read the rest; it is annotated. The annotation reads: the author was speaking in tongues.

Anti-gay Texas pastor Rick Scarborough said :

It is about time we jailed the Atheists that wrote all men are created equal – they set us up for this egregious affront to religious freedom!  We are not going to bow, we are not going to bend, and if necessary we will burn.


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Pastor kicks gay gene out of kid

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