Pastor Kicks The Gay Gene Out after Woman Claims Her Son Will Be Born Gay

Pastor kicks gay

NIGERIA – Dalwani Najama 34, believes her son will be born gay after she had a dream of her soon to be born son. In her dream she she tells her church Pastor her son had a boyfriend.

Pastor and founder of the International God’s Way Church kicks pregnant women after she believes he son will be born gay. Video surfaced of pastor stepping on and kicking right in the sacred stomach.

The development may serve to illustrate how pentecostal Christians particularly women have become cheap meat to preachers with some even being wilfully se*ually assaulted as pastors are allowed private time behind closed doors for counselling sessions.

Sunday she attended her local church and the preacher claimed he could save her son by kicking her stomach and kicking the “Gay Gene Demon” from her body and sons future life.


In Nigeria homos*xuality isn’t as openly accepted like in the United States. LGBT persons in Nigeria face unique legal and social challenges. The country does not allow or recognize LGBT rights. There is no legal protection against discrimination in Nigeria.


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