Parents Lets Their Children Watch Them Have S3X

child watch parents

When John and Cindy Thompson’s children (aged 10 and 7) asked where babies came from they decided to forgo the typical answers: “from God,” “a stork” and instead showed them.

John said :

Cindy and I brought the kids into the bedroom and made love in front of them. I showed them my seminal fluid and explained how it traveled up mommy’s vag*na to fertilize her egg and make a baby. They really seemed to get it.

Cindy said:

They understand different positions, what makes mommy feel good, what makes daddy feel good. I think when my daughter begins having s*x she’s going to be light years ahead of the other girls, be a much better lover, which will help her get a better man.

“I’m showing my boy how to be a stud in the bedroom,” John said. “I wish my father would have taught me all this. I was clueless most of my life.”

The Thompsons hold nothing back from the children, even using ropes, handcuff and toys.

“My wife and I can get pretty crazy, but that’s normal. I want my kids to understand that the toys, paddles, etc. all part of a normal s*x life and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. And sometimes this all leads to having a baby.”

The Thompsons encourage other parents to open up their bedroom to their children believing it’s a much easier way to provide children with a real s*x education.

“We don’t have to have those awkward conversation about the birds and bees, trying to tiptoe around the subject,” Cindy said. “It’s so much easier to just show the kids, instead of trying to tell them.”

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