Parents Jailed for Using Stun Gun to Discipline Children

stun gun children

Florida | A couple is accused of using a stun gun on four children as a form of discipline. Joshua Pierre Louis and Roxanne Paduani, are facing charges of child cruelty.

On Tuesday, the Department of Children and Families received a tip regarding the child abuse, authorities said.

Investigation reveled that they the parents were using the stun gun as a tool to deter the children from misbehaving. They claim that they own a stun gun and spark it to warn the kids but denied touching the children with it.

However, the children told authorities that their parents shocked them when they were doing “bad things” such as screaming or making a mess.

The stun gun left behind visible marks on two of the children, officials said. One of the kids had scars on the stomach, while another had marks on the upper chest.

Both Louis and Paduani were arrested and transported to the Lee County jail. The children are staying with relatives.

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