Nun Stabs 7-Year-Old Kid To Teach Him About Jesus

nun stabs kid

The Nun Ludovita took the needle out of her handbag and rammed it into the 7-year-old boys arm to show how Jesus suffered.

The Nun wanted to teach the class about Jesus, when she proceeded to stab the young boy in the arm with a needle. Leaving the whole class and the boy in shock.

The 7-year-olds mum was horrified.

When Adam got home he had a wound on the back of his hand and when I asked him what had happened he told me the nun had done it. I was completely shocked. I mean, what on earth was she thinking?

And I began to worry about what she would do next – crucify one of the students or hammer a nail into their hands?

The school has responded to the mothers concern.

We strongly disapprove of this sort of teaching method. When I contacted the Sister she told me that the class had been learning about Jesus Christ and personal sin. She added that the children had been invited to voluntarily experience mild pain so they could empathise with the theme.

She said she had invited the pupils to prick themselves if they wanted to but were not forced to. She denies stabbing the boy and says he did it himself. Either way, this is inappropriate behaviour and will not be tolerated in this school.

Crazy…..! What do you think…!


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