Nicki Minaj Hires Plastic Surgeon For Meek Mill – To Make Him Attractive

meek and nicki

Rap music is now a days more about the visual than the lyrical.

It has been reported that Nicki Minaj wants rapper Meek Mill to get plastic surgeries to look more attractive.

Well, we all know how Nicki was before surgeries…! she went under knife multiple times and the results and fantastic.

Nicki Minaj before surgeries
Nicki Minaj before and after surgeries.

Nicki before surguies

When reporters asked Meek Mill about the surgery he said:

The way you look have an impact on the way people treat you. I think that this society values beauty and there are benefits that come with looking good. People who are more attractive are viewed as smarter, more sociable, more likable, more likely to get a job and ultimately more likely to make more money.

Nicki Minaj have hired Dr. Harrison H. Lee and Dr. Gary J. Alter for Meek Mill, they have specialized in transgender and cosmetic surgeries; they are the same surgeons who transformed Bruce Jenner into Caitlyn Jenner.

According to plastic surgeons, who previously did plastic surgeries on Nicki:

“When I first had a close look at Mr. Mill, I was shocked. I have seen more attractive faces on burn victims. However, I think we were able to take Mr. Mill and turn him into a perfectly handsome man”

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