Neo-Nazi Arrested For Trying To Rape His Own Grandmother

A Virginia man known for his links to Neo-Nazi groups has been arrested for attempting to assault and rape his own grandmother.

Jackson, 33, was found in critical condition after his grandmother’s pit bulls viciously defended their owner, Prudence Johnston, 78, after her grandchild allegedly tried to undress her and sexually assault her.

The aggression occurred early in the morning after Jackson had come back from the bar heavily intoxicated from alcohol.

“He was smelling like vomit and alcohol” recalls the husband of the victim and grandfather of the assailant, Angus Johnston, 92.

“I was sleeping next to my wife when he jumped on the bed naked and started masturbating over my wife’s face” he adds, visibly still in shock.

“When Prudence started screaming, Billy and Wolf, our two pet pit bulls, jumped on him and bit his ass cheeks and genitals,” he admitted to reporters.

 Jackson’s grandfather, Angus Johnston, says his grandchild is a “good boy at heart” but the abuse of drugs has “messed his brains up.”

It took police officers close to two hours before they eventually freed Jackson from the pit bulls who would not release him, causing severe damage to his posterior and genital area.

“Because of the severity of the damage, we’ve had to amputate a large part of this reproductive organs,” Dr. Andrew Schloeringer told reporters.

“Possibly, the installment of a prosthesis will at least preserve his ability to urinate properly,” he added.

Jackson’s grandparents have decided not to press charges claiming that the boy was under heavy influence of drugs and alcohol, as well as their grandson not remembering anything of the sexual assault.

Jackson had recently been living with his grandparents for the past two weeks after he had come out of rehab and had promised to “change his ways” and follow “the teachings of Jesus Christ,” his grandfather told reporters.

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