ALERT: NASA Confirms Earth Will Experience Total Darkness For 5 Days In December 2015

total darkness

ALERT – NASA has confirmed that the Earth will experience 5 days of total darkness between 15th – 20th of December. The world will be without sunlight due to a solar storm, which will cause dust and space debris to become plentiful and thus, block 92% sunlight.

The head of NASA, Mr. Charles Bolden encourages us all to prepare for any “attacks” that may effect our communities during this time. Considering the current rioting, violence and shootings that are already occurring, he warns that the 5 days of darkness will only intensify the disorder.
Bolden urges people to remain calm as we experience the largest solar storm our solar system has seen in over 250 years. The darkness will be the product of a solar storm, for a period of 216 hours total.
Reporters interviewed people to hear what they had to say about the situation, and some of their responses were disturbing. One man said he was ready: “We gonna be purgin’ my n*gga. Five days of darkness means 5 days of ‘turnt up fam.”

Despite the five days of darkness soon to come, officials say that the earth will not experience any major problems, since five days of darkness is nowhere near enough to cause major damage to anything. “We will solely rely on artificial light for the six days, which is not a problem at all”, says NASA scientist Earl Godoy.

What do you plan to do during these six days of darkness? Tweet ‘#5DaysOfDarkness‘ including your plan for these six days!

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