Multiple Reported Homicides Traced Back To Snapchat’s New Map Feature

After Snapchat introduced a new map feature that allows friends and followers to see your current location, it has been reported that 8 people have already been tracked and killed. Local police are currently conducting investigations on each case, but no arrests have been made so far.

Since snapchat added the map feature about a week ago, users have been expressing their distaste for the feature, saying that it was dangerous and a violation of privacy. Although snapchat allows users to turn off their location and remain off the map with “ghost mode”, the problem comes with users not even knowing they were visible to their followers when the map feature first arrived, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to know that millions of users still are not aware that their location is still public.

According to authorities, about 8 homicide cases have been traced back to snapchat. With the majority of the homicides being that of gang members who were unaware their location was public and tracked down by rival gang members.


Experts believe that more users will continue to be targeted, and are warning against the feature.

“The map idea isn’t a bad idea in itself, it’s a great way for close friends and family to be aware of your whereabouts, however users should block users they do not know or trust from viewing their location”, says FBI agent Jeff Grant.

Most reported cases are from North America as Snapchat is very popular in North America and Europe compared to rest of the world.

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