Mother In Love With Son And Now Want A Baby

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A mother, says she’s in love with son and has revealed that they want to get married and have a baby. 

51 year-old, Kim West, has been in a relationship with her 32 year-old son, Ben Ford, for two years after he tried to re-connect with her in 2013.

She was forced to give up Ben when he was just a week old and never heard from him after that, the New Day reports.

Apparently, Ben – who was living in the U.S. at the time – sent his mum, from England, a letter that they got back in contact.

They now claim their s*x life is ‘incredible’ and plan to get married in the near future.

Kim knows that people will have a bad reaction to their taboo relationship, but says she is willing to battle for it, adding that their feelings are because of Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA), not incest.

When they first got back in touch, Ben was still married to Victoria, but they later split up so he could be with his mum.

mom in relation with son

Kim said she began noticing her attraction to her son after she had ‘s*xy dreams’ about him. Then they reunited at a hotel where they had ‘incredible and mind-blowing s*x’.

Ben claims, he didn’t think of Kim as his mum. He said: “When I met Kim, I couldn’t think of her as my mum but instead as a sexual being.”

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