Mother Arrested For Begging Her Teenage Daughter to Have a ThreeWAY with Her Boyfriend


BATON ROUGE — A mother is charged with indecent behavior with a minor, accused of asking her 15­-year ­old daughter to have a threes0me with her, in exchange for money.

39 year old, Mamie Harris, was arrested after police say Harris approached the teen, asking for her to take part in a three way. The teen refused, to which Harris replied, “You know we need the money.”

The teen finally got tired of her mom’s behavior and went to the police.

She told police there were several instances where Harris would bring men home, and when they left, she would have extra money.

“The victim also stated that there were several instances of (Harris) bringing men home and when the men would leave (Harris) would have money,” police wrote in the warrant.

Another time, Harris and a man walked into the girl’s bedroom at 4 a.m. and said they wanted to have sex there, according to the warrant.

The girl got up and left the residence. Harris was booked on a count of indecent behavior with juveniles into Parish Prison. Back in 2013 Harris was arrested for second­degree cruelty to juveniles, an incident that involved
the same girl.

In that incident she allegedly beat her daughter with a 2X4. Poor girl, she never had a chance at a decent life. But maybe she will be able to in the future.

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