A Texas morgue employee has been arrested after he allegedly stole limbs and several body parts from corpses at his workplace to make himself a customized sex doll.

Jesus Gonzales, 38, who had been working as a janitor for nearly two years at the Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office in Austin, drew suspicion when lab technicians started reporting missing limbs on several bodies after his work shifts.

Several hidden cameras showed the suspect using a saw to cut off limbs off of cadavers and placing them in a plastic bag which he then placed in his backpack before bringing them home where he apparently reassembled them later.

The parents of the 38-year-old man, whom he still lived with at the time of the arrest, were shocked to learn their son had been hiding dead body parts in their own basement.

“We never suspected anything was wrong with Jesus’s behavior,” explained his mother to local reporters.

“He would always talk about his girlfriend and how beautiful she was. He would show us the nice dresses he bought for her but we never got to meet her,” expressed his mother in tears.

“Sometimes he would make so much noise while having sex downstairs that it would wake me up in the middle of the night” admitted his father, visibly still under shock.

Jesus Gonzales’s parents, were shocked to learn their son had been collecting and reassembling dead body parts stole off of cadavers at his workplace.

Austin police officials have also accused the man of having organized a number of “parties” where attendees partook in sex with several corpses at Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office where he worked as a janitor.

“Hidden camera footage clearly shows that the man led other people inside the building during the night who may also have indulged in sexual intercourse with a number of dead bodies,” said Deputy Sheriff, Alan Clayborn.

Further investigation could lead to other arrests as the suspect himself has testified to police that he was not alone to partake in sexual activities with the corpses at the morgue and that some of his friends may also have indulged in similar activities in exchange for money and drugs.

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