Miley Cyrus Wants to Become a Boy – Considering Sex Change Operation


Miley Cyrus seems to be determined to continue to shock people in any way she can.

A source close to Miley said:

“You got out admit she has some tough competition out there, I mean, if you don’t have a great voice, singing just won’t do it.”

The latest rumor is that Miley  is considering having a sex change. Yes just like Caitlyn Jenner transformation.

According to Miley Cyrus:

One of the things I realized was the “overly macho” energy men have. “That made me feel like I had to be a femme-bot, which I’m not”. And then when I was with a girl, I felt like, ‘Oh s—, she’s going to need someone to protect her, so I’m going to need to have this macho energy.’ And that didn’t feel right either. I have been a girl all my life, now i want to experience being totally different

Although she hasn’t come forth to admit it yet, it seems that her dad, Billy Ray, may have let her secret out.

When asked; Billy Ray said:

“I hear I might become a father of another son. I just want my daughter to be happy with who she is.”

When Billy Ray was asked what he meant by that comment, he said he was unable to elaborate on the subject. He did say that it was going to be a controversy they were well prepared to handle.

“She’s always had a butt like a boy,”  the anonymous source said. ” So this doesn’t really come as a surprise. Wonder what all her old boyfriends will think?”

Miley announced #InstaPride on her Instagram page on Monday, showing her support for “transgender and gender expansive ” people.


Stay tuned for her official announcement which is expected in the next couple months.

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