Michael Jordan To Lower Price to 19.99 On All Jordan’s in 2017

air jordans

“I’m just tired of people paying for the illusion that more expensive means better, when in reality my shoes cost way less to make” – said Michael Jordan, on why he is lowering the price on Air Jordan brand sneakers.

Michael Jordan claims he is shocked and tired of people fighting and killing over his high priced shoes. He wants to set a point, by indicating individuals that spending more cash on something elite doesn’t make you exceptional it just makes you a fool with money.

He plans to lower the prices nationwide slowly over the next years to deter any backlash, specially in the black community.

“I think he smokin crack, you know how much money I spent on my Jordan collection?, I buy these to be a star in my hood, everywhere I go they call me Young Retro, if he make em cheap like them starbury’s I’m taking my shoe collection talents to Lebron” said disgruntled Jordan collector Malik “Young Retro” Wilburn.

Prices keep climbing on sneakers across the board on a number of models. Like it or not, costs keep climbing as time goes by. Material costs, shipping and freight, even staffing at the Brand continues to climb with every year.

But we will have to wait and see how this change will effect the crime rate in the black community as well as MJ’s pockets.

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