An American tourist has met an untimely death in the Philippines after being accidentally killed by local fishermen reports the Manila Catholic Press this week.

Andrew Stevens, 28, was accidentally harpooned to death multiple times by local fishermen who allegedly mistook Stevens for some kind of large fish.

Stevens at the time was wearing a colorful mermaid tail which could explain the confusion believe authorities.

“The victim died after receiving 127 stab wounds from the harpoons and was found with a large hook stuck in his left cheek,” a Manila police spokesman told local reporters.

Andrew Stevens, 28, met an untimely death after being stabbed a total of 127 times with harpoons and was found with a large hook in his left cheek, Manila authorities reported.

“We find very weird that fish has arms and hair and talk English but it all happening so fast,” one fisherman admitted to reporters.

It is only when the victim’s body was dragged upon the boat that the fishermen apparently realized the horror of what had just happened.

“We have a long, long day of fishing with no fish that day. So we very happy when we catch him, maybe we too excited” one fisherman explained, visibly remorseful.

The San Francisco Mermaid and Mermen community will commemorate Andrew Stevens’s death by an official gathering next week in the San Francisco Bay area.

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