Meek Mill’s Hologram To Be Created For 2016 Coachella Festiva


CALIFORNIA – The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, (an annual spring festival that is held in Indio, California) has revealed a special project for 2016.

Coachella organizers had a “special project” in production for the 2016 festival. Said to be similar to the Tupac Shakur hologram project that was prepared for the 2012 festival, Coachella organizers stated that they were going to bring back a new hologram performance of a deceased artist for 2016, but this time, It will be Meek Mill. Meek Mill will join Tupac as the only deceased music artists to be digitally created via a hologram for a music festival.

Meek Mill, After being severely wounded, and later killed by Toronto rapper Drake by a series of diss tracks released throughout the summer months of 2015, has been greatly missed ever since. Although, dying a quick and painless death only a few months ago, Meek Mill will be back with us next year.

“Following the positive reviews of the Tupac hologram of 2012, we knew we were going to do another hologram in the future, the only question was who?” says James Freeman, a Coachella organizer. “We had a list of possible candidates, which included Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Eazy-E, James Brown, Aaliyah, Notorious B.I.G., Kurt Cobain, John Lennon, and Meek Mill. We decided to choose Meek Mill”.

Be sure to pick up your Coachella 2016 tickets to see Meek Mill live once again. We will see you there!

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