Meek Mill Arrested Again For Drug Possession After Being Free For Only A Day


PHILADELPHIA – “F*ck my life” was the only thing Meek Mill reportedly said as he was being arrested. Rapper Meek Mill has been arrested again only a day after being released from a Philadelphia correctional facility. The rapper was reportedly arrested for possession of illegal drugs after being found carrying cocaine and marijuana. Meek Mill apparently dropped a small bag filled with marijuana in front of two police officers as they were walking right by him, before they searched him and found cocaine on him. Yes, it seems as though Meek Mill is perhaps the unluckiest man of all time.

“I saw Mr. Williams (Meek Mill) walking by and i think to myself, ‘hey isn’t he that one famous rapper who was just released from prison?’ but, then i see something fall out of his pocket and it was a bag of marijuana and me and my partner instant to start asking questions. We then searched him and found a small nah of cocaine and it’s game over for him” says Officer Gary Weaver, “Boy, that man is is really stupid” finished Weaver as he began to laugh.

The rapper has been serving time since July after being sentenced to 3-6 months in prison for violating his probation. Now, only after being free one short day, he is back in. Meek Mill can face up to a whole year in prison and be forced to pay a $1000 fine.

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