McDonalds To Serve “Lean” (McLean) For Limited Time


Lean, also known as Sizzurp and Purple drank is a popular drink which originated in Texas and popularized by rappers such as Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa.

Young people are using “sizzurp” to get high, and the consequences are amusing.

Lean is a concoction made up of several ingredients, with the main ingredient being Codeine or Promethazine, mixed with soft drinks such as Sprite or Mountain Dew, and occasionally Jolly Ranchers for extra sweetness.

The amount of cough syrup used in Lean usually greatly exceeds the recommended dose, up to 25 times. The drink is used as a recreational drug.

“This sh*t crazy” says Antonio Baker, “We finna be up in McDonald’s all day boy, they real af for this, that fat purple character from McDonald’s probably purple from all that lean he drink, n*gga real”, finished Baker, a McDonalds customer who is very happy to hear Lean will be sold at McDonalds.

However, there is one downside, McDonald’s will only serve McLean to customers who have a prescription to drink codeine, so if you don’t, you cannot purchase the lean.

McLean will be offered in a special styrofoam cup featuring Grimace, the purple McDonalds character, who like Ronald McDonald, is a McDonald’s mascot. The Lean will be served in special double styrofoam cups sizes Small, Medium, and Large, and cost $12.00, $18.00, $25.00, respectively.

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