A Sarasota resident who was declared clinically dead last week was miraculously revived three days later on Easter Sunday reports the Sarasota Gazette.

Dudley Graham, 93, was officially pronounced dead at San Pedro Memorial Clinic on April 10, 2020, from pulmonary complications after he had contracted COVID-19.

Graham adversely claims that he was never dead but fell asleep on Friday to wake up several hours later in a body bag inside the mortuary, a version contradicted by hospital technicians.

“I was never dead. I have been crying for help for the past three days” Dudley Graham, 93, told reporters, visibly traumatized.

Dr. Jesus Jose Ramon Guerrera at San Pedro Memorial Clinic confirms that the records officially pronounced Dudley Graham dead at 2h10 pm on April 10, 2020, from pulmonary complications after he had contracted COVID-19 before his miraculous revival three days later.

“The patient has possibly sustained some form of short-term memory loss resulting from the trauma of being clinically dead for several days,” Dr. Guerrera explained to reporters.

Attorney Jack Spencer confirmed his client’s intention to sue the San Pedro Memorial Clinic for malpractice and gross negligence after what he calls a “three-day-long life-threatening ordeal.”

“I woke up in a body bag where I managed to survive for three whole days and they are trying to make me sound like I am crazy and that I was dead all this time,” Dudley Graham told the Sarasota Gazette when reached by phone.

Graham said he barely managed to survive entrapped inside the hospital body bag for three excruciating days by eating pieces of his hospital gown and drinking his own urine.

In 2017 the San Pedro Memorial Clinic faced a statewide class-action lawsuit after 37 former patients’ kidneys had been forcibly removed without their knowledge or consent during minor procedures requiring no anesthesia or surgery.

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