Man Shot in His Manhood for Sleeping with Another Man’s Wife


In an estate popularly known as #fornicationzone, where barely few months back, a man was killed for adultery with another man’s wife, another case of adultery in a couple’s matrimonial home has taken place.

The state (Garden Estate) is located along Thika Road which is mainly of middle-class projects/estates that stretch from Roasters all the way to Kenyatta University in Kenya.

A Nairobi man was recently shot on his privates after he was caught with another man’s wife in their house. The owner of his wife, on Dec. 1st returned home after a hard day’s work only to find his wife and Nairobi man groaning in pleasure in his matrimonial home enjoying the forbidden fruit.

But being a licensed gun owner, he got angry, unhooked his Beretta firearm and aimed at the adulterer’s belle only to miss him and got his manhood.

This got the man’s manhood shattered as he dashed out before the owner of the house could reload for another shot. The wounded rushed to the hospital and was placed at the emergency unit, taking treatment. Only God knows if he will ever still use his tool again for pleasure.

With all the young single Kenyan ladies, one wonders why infidelity is on the rise in the country especially around Nairobi.

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