Man Kills His Date After She, Inspired By Twitter “#WasteHisTime2016” Trend, Wasted His Time

waste his time

DENVER – Fabian Suarez, age 23, has been reportedly arrested after killing a 22 year old woman for allegedly “wasting his time on purpose”, which she apparently gained inspiration from by a popular Twitter trend: #WasteHisTime2016.

A popular Twitter meme emerged using the hashtag “#WasteHisTime2016” — a clever way of turning the tables on some of the pitfalls women who date men encounter. Women tweeted a series of tweets with funny ways on how to waste a man’s time.

Fabian Suarez reportedly stabbed Lina Johnson to death Thursday night on the 5200 Block of N Monroe St. after she allegedly “wasted his time” According to authorities, Lina, who was an avid twitter user, was influenced by the “#WasteHisTime2016” trend. Investigators say Lina asked Fabian to take her on a date, as she reportedly knew that Fabian liked her. Lina then allowed Fabian to pay for dinner, take her shopping at Victoria’s Secret, to only then have him drop her off at her new boyfriends house. After arriving outside Lina’s boyfriends house, Fabian reportedly asked “this is where you live?”, at which point Lina replied with “No, this is my new boyfriends house. these panties you bought me are for him to see”. Fabian then lost it, taking out a pocket knife and stabbing Lina 24 times in the chest.

After being arrested and taken to jail, Fabian was later acquitted by the judge, stating that the murder was just. “I think Fabian did us a favor by eliminating that girl from earth” said Judge John Hicks. Authorities are warning women not to carry out what any of the “#WasteHisTime2016” tweets said, and that they should only stay as tweets and jokes. “Very sad scene” says Officer Kenneth Levy, “Although the murder was brutal, it might have been well deserved. I’m convinced she was actually Satan after doing what she did”.

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