Man Who Jumped In A Lion Enclosure Thought He Was God’s ‘Prophet’

lion attack

On Saturday, a man named ‘Franco Ferrada’ stripped and then jumped into a lion pit and taunted the animals into attacking him at Santiago’s Metropolitan Zoo, in Chile. 

As a result, two lions were shot dead by zookeepers to save his life after they naturally attacked him. The lions died instantly from the gun shots in front of a horrified crowd, including children.

man and lion in zoo

Later it was revealed that a note was found in the 20-year-old’s pocket and had a drawing of two lions on it, referencing the end of the world and the apocalypse, according to authorities.

The note read:

“The apocalypse has arrived, and I will know when it shall come.”

“I am the prophet and I have returned for my people.”

The witnesses of the event said that he recounted to them the biblical hero, Daniel, who was thrown to the lions but saved by an angel sent by God.

lion cage

A father who was at the zoo with his son told reporters: “Everyone started screaming when they saw him. There were a lot of children there and parents covered their eyes while it was going on. He was screaming religious things.”

The man is now recovering in hospital, after his believed suicide attempt failed. However, he was left him with serious injuries to his face, skull, neck, shoulders and groin.

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