Man Hospitalized after Eating Urinal Pucks as a Dare

A student fraternity initiation party was cut short this afternoon in New York city after a student ingested several urinal deodorizer pucks and had to be transported to the hospital.

The event was organized by Columbia University students of the Delta Theta Gamma (ΔΘΓ) fraternity as part of an initiation ritual.

According to one of the organizers, around 30 participants were invited to take part in several contests and challenges, most of which involved drinking large quantities of alcohol.

As part of one of these contests, 23-year old Shawn Monroe ingested at least six deodorant blocks taken from the bathroom’s urinals.

Jason Rogers, a member of the fraternity who witnessed the scene, says the young man was extremely drunk and particularly daring.

“In the context of the game, he had to surpass his opponent who had licked one these urinal pucks, or forfeit. To make sure he didn’t get surpassed by anyone, he ate six entire pucks!”

Mr. Monroe rapidly realized that ingesting such quantities of chlorine, benzene, and other chemicals was a bad idea.

He began suffering from violent stomach pain and vomiting blood, so at least two of his fellow students called the 911.

The paramedics arrived on the site in less than five minutes but the young man had already lost consciousness.

He was rapidly transported to the Bellevue Hospital Center where he was admitted in a critical condition.

After about an hour of hard work, doctors were able to stabilize him and they no longer fear for his life.

Dr. Maurice Housley, who treated the patient upon his arrival at the hospital, warns of the danger of ingesting urinal deodorants.

Every year, student initiations cause several incidents across the United States, leading to dozens of arrests and hospitalization.

According to authorities, most of these incidents are related to excessive consumption of alcohol.

Several colleges and universities across the country have adopted a strict set of rules for this type of event, notably forbidding alcohol and drugs as well as sexual intercourse.

Columbia University hasn’t reacted to the incident yet, but it’s possible that sanctions could be taken against the fraternity, which already has an unenviable disciplinary record.

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