Man Hospitalized after a Squirrel gets Stuck in His BUTT!

NEW YORK | A man had to be transported to the hospital this afternoon after his pet squirrel got stuck in his anal cavity.

28-year Ray White called 911 himself around 3 pm after he found himself in a uncomfortable position

Janice Brown, the operator who took the call, says she thought it as a joke when he explained his emergency.

“He told me that he’d fallen on his pet squirrel named Slimy and that the animal was now stuck in his ass. I was convinced that it was a teenager making a prank call.”

Despite Ms. Browns’s doubts, she sent an ambulance on the site and the paramedics rapidly realized that the situation was in fact very serious.

Stuart Coleman, one of the paramedics who transported Mr. White, claims the poor man was lying naked in his bathroom and a hairy tail was protruding from his anus.

“He kept screaming out in pain as the animal was causing him some serious pain and damage by biting and scratching him.”

Ray White was transported to the NewYork–Presbyterian Hospital, where doctors were able to extract the Squirrel. Mr. White suffered from severe internal bleeding but was finally stabilized after a two-hour surgery. The squirrel, unfortunately, didn’t survive his misadventure.

This picture of Mr. White with his beloved Slimy taken less than a week before the incident.

Mr. White’s problem might seem fairly unusual, but similar incidents occur a lot more frequently than most people would think.

According to data collected by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, an average of 7500 Americans are hospitalized after getting foreign objects stuck in their anal cavity every year and among these “foreign objects”, an average of 15% are animals.

Mr. White has refused to comment the incident and declined all demands for an interview.

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