Man Files £800M Lawsuit and Claims “Harry Potter Character Is Based On Him”

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United Kingdom – A 51-year old man has filed a copyright lawsuit against JK Rowling (the author of the Harry Potter series), demanding a total of £806.4 million in damages.

51 year-old man, Harold Pottier, claims that “JK Rowling” based the hero of the famous novels on him, without his consent. He claims that there is “absolutely no doubt” that the series of bestsellers is based on him.

“When I started reading the first book, I totally flipped out!” Says Mr. Pottier. “It’s like she read my old diaries from high school and college, and literally copied them… It’s my life she is writing about in her books. 90% of the facts are the same! I really feel like she violated my privacy. It’s really wrong to write about the lives of others like that, without asking!”

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The novelist JK Rowling became internationally famous thanks to the Harry Potter series, The books were translated in at least 67 languages, and have been sold to more than 450 million copies.

Mr Pottier demands a total £806.4 Million, which he considers his”fair share” of the astronomical profits Ms. Rowling made from the sales her books and movies.

“That woman made billions by writing about me and telling my life to the entire planet,” said Harold Pottier. “J.K Rowling is an impostor! I am the real Harry Potter, I am entitled to my share of the profits made from my story, and I am willing to fight for justice!”

Ms. Rowling and her entourage have not yet commented the lawsuit, but her lawyers said they were “very confident” they would win.

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