Man Explodes After Swallowing Too Much Mentos and Diet Coke

mentos and coke

PHILADELPHIA – A 47 year-old man died this morning after literally exploding in the parking lot of a Walmart store.

According to witnesses, Jimmy Franzen had just exited his vehicle and was walking towards the entrance of the store, when he suddenly seemed to suffer from a severe belly ache. He began groaning loudly and swearing while holding his stomach, and finally kneeled in the middle of the parking lot.

A few seconds later, the man apparently exploded into thousands of pieces, damaging several vehicles, but fortunately, hurting no one else.

Many of the witnesses thought that is was a failed terrorist attack and that the man had detonated an explosive belt, but the police rapidly dismissed this possibility.

“All the evidence seems to suggest that the explosion that killed Mr. Franzen was completely accidental,” says Philadelphia Police Commissioner, Charles Ramsey. “It seems that the victim had ingested dozens of Mentos breath mints, before drinking almost a gallon of Diet Coke. The mix of the two substances provoked a violent chemical reaction in his stomach, and the accumulation of gases led to a violent explosion and to his death.”

According to Commissioner, the police didn’t find any trace of explosives on the site, other than the breath mints and soft drink.

The violent chemical reaction obtained by mixing the carbonated beverage Diet Coke and Mentos mints, has often been used by pranksters and amateur scientists, to create geyser-like eruptions.

The American Medical Association has been running a nationwide campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of ingesting both products simultaneously, but many Americans continue to ignore the risks.

Mr. Franzen is the 17th victim of the Mentos-Diet Coke mix in Missouri alone, this year, and authorities are discussing the possibility of regulating the sale and possession of both products.

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