San Francisco | A 28-year-old man is lying in critical condition after he contracted necrotizing fasciitis, a rare form of flesh-eating bacteria.

Adam Rader, 28, was transported to UCSF Medical Center after suffering from severe pain in his mouth and throat, as well as fever, and vomiting.

Rader was rapidly diagnosed by the medical staff after his boyfriend told doctors his mouth had been in contact with diarrhea.

“He knew I had gastroenteritis but I guess he was still really intoxicated from the GHB and the ecstasy” his boyfriend, Benjamin Segura, told reporters.

Rader apparently did not heed his boyfriend’s warnings and attempted oral sex on his partner’s anal region, although he was apparently already suffering from the flu.

“He had his tongue up my ass and I just couldn’t keep it in anymore, it started spraying all over his face and into his mouth,” Segura explained in tears.

Dr. Samantha Graham at San Francisco’s UCSF Medical Center believes Rader, 28, contracted necrotizing fasciitis after ingesting diarrhea into his mouth and digestive system while partaking in anilingus with his partner.

Dr. Samantha Graham at San Francisco’s UCSF Medical Center warns that anal–oral contact and anal–oral sex with a partner showing symptoms of the flu can be very risky.

“Diarrheal infections are highly contagious and people should avoid exposing the mouth and tongue to the rectal area in the presence of diarrhea,” he told local reporters.

Dr. Graham also warned about the dangers of ingesting one’s own fecal matter or that of a partner during sexual activities, which could lead to severe bacterial infection.

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