Man Claims He Understands Young Thug’s Music

Young Thug

ST LOUIS – Jacoby Olowo, 24, is claiming to have the ability to miraculously understand what rapper Young Thug is saying in his music.

Local authorities are skeptical about Olowo’s claims and decided to find out if the man actually possessed the rare ability. After authorities played five of Young Thugs songs for Olowo, in hopes of Olowo translating what Young Thug was saying into plain English; Olowo did not disappoint and translated the entire lyrics for each of the five songs, one by one.

Scientists from around the nation heard about the news and immediately offered Olowo thousands of dollars to be observed and studied. “We would really love if Mr. Olowo came to our lab so we can study his abilities and brain waves while being exposed to Young Thugs music so we try and understand how this astonishing ability is even possible in human beings.” says Dr. Tom Grayson, a scientist at UCLA.

Although Olowo is receiving a ton of attention for his skills, authorities believe he is not the only human being on earth who can understand Young Thug, “Oh definitely, there has to be a few more” says Cognitive Psychologist Barry Alamo, “Jacoby cannot be the only one, there has to be at least five more individuals with this unique ability walking the face of the earth”.

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