Man Claims He Is the Father of Prince William

Bugingo and william

François Bugingo has shocked the world after he claimed that he is the biological father of Prince William and is filed a court action for DNA testing.

Mr. Bugingo, is a high-profile journalist who has covered conflicts around the world.He has filed a  paternity lawsuit, in a Montreal courthouse, asking the court to order a DNA test to prove his claims.

According to the reports he was Princess Diana’s personal driver and bodyguard for more than three years, before and after the birth of Prince William. He had an affair with the princess between July 1979 and March 1982, and he claims that he is the biological father of Prince William.

princess diana
Mr. Bugingo said that he was involved in a romantic relationship with Lady Diana Spencer over more than three years, between 1979 and 1982.

Me and Diana were deeply in love, when Diana got pregnant, she told me that I was the father. But her family was against us, and they pushed her into a marriage with Prince Charles. She was unhappy, and wasn’t even sleeping with him at the time. I am absolutely confident that a DNA test would prove my claim.” – says Mr. Bugingo.

He had to leave the United Kingdom because he was being harassed by agents of the Royal family, he since become a Canadian citizen and a well-respected journalist.

The Montreal courthouse will begin hearing this case on 5th June 2015. Currently this case is attracting a lot of media attention in Canada.

The Royal family has not yet responded to the allegations. But according to Mr. Bugingo’s lawyer they do have all the documents and records to prove that Mr. Bugingo is biological father of Prince William.

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