Man Blames His Dog For High-Speed Chase “My Dog Was Driving The Car”

driving dog

Florida – Reliford Cooper III, 26, was arrested on DWI charges after a high speed chase. He told police that it was his dog, not he, who led them on a high-speed chase through a community that ended with his car crashed into a home.

The deputy attempted to pull Cooper over, but he took off, swerving into oncoming traffic, driving into two ditches. The car eventually stopped when he ran into a house.

Cooper then fled to a church where a pastor found him on his hands and knees in the bathroom praying for God to not let the police catch him. The pastor dialed 911. Cooper was arrested after worshippers threw him out.

In cuffs, with a strong odor of alcohol and marijuana on Cooper he said:

“My dog was driving that car,” Cooper said. “I ran because I wanted to. I’ve been trying to get in better shape and one of the best ways is running. You ain’t gonna find no drugs or guns on me.”

He has been charged with driving while intoxicated, fleeing the scene of an accident and causing property damage.


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