An Albuquerque man has been banned for life from all 47 SeaWorld theme parks after he recently was caught on camera while attempting to insert his penis inside a dolphin’s blowhole.

Bernard Seamann, 57, a retired construction worker from Albuquerque was visiting Orlando’s Discovery Cove with several friends, a theme park where guests can “talk, touch, play and swim” with bottlenose dolphins, when the assault occurred.

Guests alerted security officers after Seamann, who was heavily intoxicated by alcohol, had pulled down his swimming suit and was attempting to insert his penis inside the animals’ blowhole, apparently as a joke.

“I was piss drunk, we all were, but I definitely shouldn’t have done that in front of the kids. I should’ve hid myself or something,” Seamann admitted to one reporter when reached by phone.

Buzz, a 6-year-old male dolphin, was sexually assaulted by Bernard Seamann, 57, a visitor at Orlando’s Discovery Cove, who inserted his genitals inside the animal’s blowhole.

“Dolphin’s love to be touched and played with, but this type of behavior is clearly outside of what is permitted inside the confines of our facility” Discovery Cove executive manager, Peter O’Haley, told reporters.

“SeaWorld has explicit guidelines and no sexual behavior of any kind is permitted nor encouraged between employees or guests with any animals inside the facility, be it of consensual or nonconsensual nature of any kind,” Discovery Cove executive manager, Peter O’Haley assured.

Marine biologist and employee at Discovery Cove, Julianne White, said that the animal did not seem to have suffered any permanent injury, except a slight inflammation around the circumference of its blowhole.

In 2011, a similar incident occurred when a teenager was hospitalized during a visit at Discovery Cove after the guest attempted to bait a moray eel with his genitals and had one of his testicles surgically removed as a result of the bite.

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