Man Arrested For Stealing Church DonationTo Buy Mansion


ATLANTA – Dollar came under fire for asking his congregation for $65 million earlier this month to fund his private jet for traveling to evangelize.

“If all of our partners were to sow $300 each, we’d be able to acquire this jet in a very, very short period of time,” says Rick Hayes, project manager.

Dollar has just purchased a beautiful $8 million home in Georgia. According to sources; he has had a long standing ‘building fund’ for a new hi-tech church right outside of Atlanta.

The problem is, where the church was once surveyed to be built is not where a church stands today. It’s his new mansion.

“He got us going with all his talk about a new and improved church that would create jobs and would make his church goers safer, but that was obviously untrue.” said one church member who wanted to remain anonymous.

One member who found out about the mess, actually called the authorities on Creflo and filed a police report stating that he had physically taken the money from the churches safe.

Creflo turned himself in (Evident by his mugshot) and was released when the charges were rescinded.

“I am not sure which is crazier—that Dollar insisted on being treated like the king of a small country, or that his church-owned PR firm didn’t realize this inane fund-raising plan would backfire,” Lee Gradfor Charisma.

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