Man Arrested After Turning Himself in For Reward Money


GEORGIA – A man is behind bars after calling the local crime-stoppers on himself in an attempt to collect a $500 reward check.

It wasn’t a clerical error or a mistake, as reward money cannot be collected by the criminal with a bounty on their head.

Ronald Jackson, a 65-year-old and Macon fugitive, learned this lesson the hard way after after tyring to turn himself in with the hope of earning a quick $500.

Jackson was wanted by authorities after a string of home intrusions throughout Bibb County. Jackson was confused and furious when the money wasn’t released. When asked about the incident, Jackson said…

“I never thought, they was gone lock me up. I thought maybe I turn myself in, they set me lose and cut me a check. Everybody could’ve won had it gone like I planned. I only did it because I am broke and I have to buy my mom a Christmas gift.”

As per the Crimestoppers division, they have never seen anything like this. “I couldn’t believe this. I thought somebody was playing a prank when were informed that an fugitive had surrendered himself for the reward money” says the Crimestoppers division officer, Deputy Jack Robertson.

Jackson is as of now in jail without bail, waiting his first court appearance in January and could face up to 15 years in prison if found guilty. He’s still furious about the reward money though and plans to seek legal action against Crimestoppers for refusing his reward. “Regardless i’m waiting on my cash however. Just because they captured me doesn’t mean they can just not pay me. I’m broke at this moment, I need cash” says Jackson.

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