Los Angeles Traffic Sign Hacked to Display the Best Message Ever

read a book

LOS ANGELES – A mischievous individual recently hacked into an electronic traffic sign in downtown Los Angeles to display a very important message. And it’s a message that personally we hope anyone who passed it immediately adhered to.

read a f book

Whoever is behind this is just strongly urging people to stop looking at their cell phones or snap chats or tweets or whatever else the kids do these days and pick up a book instead. But could they also be asking people to read a “f–king book,” as in a book about fo-nication?

Perhaps this was the work of some frustrated girlfriend or wife who is in desperate need of some good loving and this message is their way of very publicly asking their spouse to do some research. Maybe they haven’t had an o-gasm in years.

Isn’t this a sad, far-fetched tale? Yeah, it’s probably the simpler explanation that someone just really wants people to read more, but we like to think some housewife named Helen is trying to reach her husband of 17 years, Gary.

Damn it, Gary! Read a –king book so you can adequately pleasure your wife, Helen!

Whoever is beyond this: we applaud you. Reading is one of life’s most wonderful activities, and not enough people do it. So listen to the sign, everyone, and go get your literacy on.

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