Kim Kardashian Files For Divorce After Catching Caitlyn Giving Kanye West “BJ” In Pool House

Recently Kim Kardashian tried to break the Internet with not one, but two selfies. Social media and celebrities ignited a war over her pictures… Well wasn’t a good week for kim…

Kim Kardashian Catches

According to latest reports, scandalous details have emerged after Kim Kardashian plans for separation, but Kanye West claims that he will never give Kim a divorce.

“Kim’s trapped in this marriage and it’s dawning on her that he’ll never let her go, no matter how bad things are between them,” a family insider explained. “She’s desperately miserable. Kanye is out of control. What she walked into at the pool house was beyond shocking to her. Caitlyn and Kanye should be ashamed of themselves.”

caitlyn caught with kanye

The family insider went on to explain that last month Kim went into the pool house at their Calabasas, California estate, when she interrupted Caitlyn and Kanye; and it was NOT a conversation she was interrupting. “She walked in and saw something out of the corner of her eye,” said the family insider.

“That’s when she looked over she saw Caitlyn kneeling down on the floor in front of Kanye who was sitting in a chair. Caitlyn was giving Kanye “Head”. Kanye jumped up and ran after Kim who left crying hysterically. She will never get over what happened.”

“He’s humiliated her and her family,” said the insider, adding Kardashian is figuring out ways to make a break, including separating their finances. However, there is one major problem with Kim’s plan to leave her husband said the insider, “She’s never had to divorce someone is powerful as Kanye before.”

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