Katt Williams Sucker Punches Kid, But Gets A**-Beating


Katt Williams can’t keep himself out of legal trouble… He’s now fighting with 7th-graders.

In a video that has gone viral, the “Scary Movie 5” actor, who is currently out on bail, was taken down by a 7th-grader after Williams reportedly threw a punch.

A video goes viral showing Williams in a tussle with a middle-schooler. Katt Williams Punches Kid First But Then Gets A** Beating By 7th Grader.

Katt Williams out here getting Beat up by little kids NOW? what the hell #bruh Katt Williams #wtf

Posted by Not Allowed To on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

It’s unclear how the scuffle escalated, but the child didn’t take the altercation lightly, ultimately putting the 42-year-old in a choke hold that brought Williams down on the grass with people surrounding and pleading with the grade-schooler to get off of the comic.

According to report, police launched a criminal investigation and are reviewing Williams’ bail order to see if he violated it and whether it should be revoked.

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